Utilizing a machine translation-based sentence-alignment tool

Shopping carts lined up
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One morning, as Gregor Samsa was waking up…

Bitext mining using Language-agnostic BERT sentence embedding model

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Requests with Threads vs. aiohttp with Semaphore

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  • via requests package with Threads (a native thread for each request)
  • via aiohttp client with Semaphore (to limit and pool the number of tasks)

Two useful packages for evaluating MT models performance

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  • sacreBLEU
  • BERTScore

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Achieve your debugging goals without wasting too much time on it

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Utilizing “pyvi” package for tokenization, pos tagging and accent marks modifications

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Build custom reusable sort function in plain JavaScript

Stacked shelves
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Learn to find and set git directories and working trees

Flow of git commit
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  • run git add to stage your changes
  • run git commit to add staged changes…

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